Top-Quality Well Water Pump Replacement in Stockton, CA

Are your water well pumps not supplying water like they were before? Or are you experiencing intermittent low water pressure? WELLY REPAIRS is the professional service provider for water well pump replacement in Stockton, CA.

We have highly reliable water pump experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in replacement procedures and techniques. What’s more? We have a 100% Satisfaction guarantee for one year!


6 Common Signs That You Need Pump Replacement Soon

Welly Repairs has been providing high-quality pump replacement services since 1996. We have encountered hundreds of well pump and water system problems in Stockton, CA’s residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

To help you understand if you need a water well pump and tanks replacement soon, here are some of the signs you need to watch out for.

  • Intermittent power loss on the water pump and pressure tank
  • Longer time to refill out the water tank
  • Inoperative air bladder
  • Nonfunctional pressure tank
  • Significant increase in utility bills
  • Discolored or odorous water

If you experience such incidents in your home or business, call Welly Repairs. One of our water well pump repair and replacement specialists will diagnose and fix your problem!

We Can Replace All Kinds of Well Pumps

Welly Repairs has well-experienced professional water pump technicians who are well-versed in assessing and replacing all water well pumps. A primary replacement could cost approximately $100 to $120 while handling a more complex submersible pump could cost as much as $1,300.

So, what kind of pump do you have?

Mechanical Pumps

Mechanical pumps are either centrifugal, jet, or submersible pumps. They typically use electricity to run. Jet pumps work by creating a vacuum to bring water throughout your system, while submersible pumps are submerged in the water placed underground. We recommend submersible pumps as they are more potent than the jet pump types.

Solar-Powered Water Pumps

We recommend solar-powered water pumps for sustainable water supply. While its installation and replacement cost relatively high at about $2,000 to $4,000, you will notice a significant decrease in your Stockton utility bills in the following years. Let us know if you are interested in replacing your old electricity-run pumps with solar-powered types.

Hand-Powered Water Pumps

The cheapest water pumps we service are the hand-powered types, about $150 to $200. This type is fitted for shallow wells, which can be installed in your house or shop. Hand-powered water pumps do not need electricity to work and can be manually operated. This type of water well pump is often used as a backup system for jet or submersible pumps.

Save dollars with Welly Repairs’ exclusive offers on our water pump replacement and well pump repair services.

Why Replace Your Water Pump Vs. Pump Repair

Welly Repairs has been Stockton’s best water well service provider since 1996. We can replace and repair any water pump type. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products and fantastic customer service to our clients. And, of course, we always come across the question: Should I replace my water pump or can you still repair it?

Here are a few pointers that guide us and help you decide whether to go for our replacement or pump repair services.

Water Pump Repair Services

Welly Repairs, as we named the company, engages in water well pump repairs and drilling business. We are also skilled in assessing and diagnosing various pump problems, helping us pinpoint quickly what’s wrong with your water pump system.

We manage a pump facility in Stockton, CA but can serve in Los Angeles, Valley Springs, and Modesto. Our facility is complete with machines and fabrication equipment. Our machine capability, combined with the expertise of our top-rated professionals, makes it possible for us to repair virtually anything.

Water Pump Replacement

Yes. There is (almost) no pump we cannot repair. We will certainly recommend the most cost-effective and long-lasting solution for your water pump problem. But if you choose to go for our pump replacement recommendation, we can guarantee to carefully remove your pump and replace it with the best and newer mechanism.

Welly Repairs has formed good relationships with the best manufacturers in the market, helping us to deliver only the high-grade pumps to our clients.

What Can We Offer You?

Welly Repairs’ in-house pump specialists have handled and configured various water pumps throughout our two decades of pump and drilling services. Besides repair and replacement, we can take multiple services, including water pressure check and maintenance, drain cleaning, well drilling, delta pump installation, and many more.

Our mechanical services range from seal rebuilding, material upgrade, pump motor repair, and dynamic balancing. We can furnish detailed quotations and reports when necessary.

We also have a welding team, an integral part of our work. Our replacement and repair work is completed by cutting and welding.

If you have a few questions about the services we offer, please speak with our customer service representative and get a free quote.


Q: How much does a water well pump replacement cost in Stockton, CA?

A: According to Welly Repairs’ specialists, the water well pump is the most critical part of your entire water system. Replacing the water well pump can cost about $800 to $2,300. If you are installing a more complex system, you might need to spend more. If you want to install water heaters, tell us so we can include them in our quotation.

  • Total installation cost: $800-$2,300
  • Well pump equipment cost: $200-$1,500
  • Manpower cost: $300-$6,000

Q: Besides pump replacement and repair, what other services do you offer?

A: Welly Repairs also offer various water system services in Stockton, CA, including water testing, drain cleaning, well maintenance for homes and businesses. We service multiple locations around California. We have a BBB rating, guaranteeing our clients that we only provide the best.

Q: What are the specific brands that you use when replacing water pumps?

A: We carry various water pump brands, but the top 5 brands we use for pump replacement include:

  • Honda
  • Superior
  • Grundfos
  • Sequence
  • Zoeller

If you have a specific water pump brand in mind, please let Welly Repairs’ specialists know so we can consider it before providing our quotation to you.


Do you have question or need any help for your water well systems?