For decades, WELLY REPAIRS has been Stockton’s forerunner in water tank installation and supply. We install pressure tanks, water softeners, filter systems, and flow meters for residential, commercial, municipal, and agricultural properties.

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Why Do You Need A Water Tank?

Water is an unarguable need for us to live and survive. Without clean water, it will be challenging to live our daily lives, let alone finish essential tasks within one’s home or work. It is where the need for a water tank comes in. Water tanks are crucial for storing clean water. What is a water tank anyway? A water tank is a huge container for storing water. It can be used as a reservoir for various purposes, including residential, commercial, municipal, and agricultural needs.

Having a water tank installation project will help you:

Clean reserved water for drinking in times of crisis or calamity. Tornados, wildfires, floods, and storms may happen without warning. In times like this, water tanks can help you have a steady water supply to drink. It will also be best to have a water filter system for this purpose.

Reliable farm irrigation and water supply. A successful agriculture business needs a steady water supply to help cultivate crops and survive livestock & poultry all year long. While many farmers rely on rainwater and natural water bodies (rivers, streams, etc.), a water tank ensures that you have enough water to irrigate your crops and hydrate farm animals.

Steady supply for non-drinking needs. While water for hydration is a necessity, we also need water for other purposes, such as cleaning, washing clothes, watering plants, and more. Getting a big water storage tank for your home, business, or farm can definitely ensure that you have enough water for your daily needs.

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Types of Water Tanks and Systems We install

WELLY REPAIRS is a professional water tank installation company operating for decades in Stockton, CA. Our water tank experts will assist you in choosing the best type of water tank and systems suited for your daily needs.

What kind of water tanks and systems do we install?

well pump installation


There are various water storage tank types. We can supply and install pressure tanks, including ground and below ground tanks. Our tanks come in different sizes, configurations, shapes, and purposes. From a regular reverse osmosis tank to a large-capacity pressure tank, WELLY REPAIRS is equipped with the right tools and has the experts to ensure a reliable, affordable, and hassle-free water tank installation.

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Add a water softener to your water system today. But what is it for? WELLY REPAIRS‘ water softener offers a high-grade water filtration system that helps eliminate water hardness. Accumulation of minerals from hard water is one of the main causes of pipe clogging and water pressure decline. It can also significantly decrease the lifespan of your appliances, including washing machines, dishwashers, and coffee makers.

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Besides installing and supplying water tanks, WELLY REPAIRS is also a well-known installer of water filter systems. Our water filters effectively eliminate unwanted water odor and taste, plus remove germs and hardness, resulting in improved water quality. We have installed many water filters around Stockton, mainly used for making clear ice and best-tasting brewed coffee. Speak with our representative today to know more.

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WELLY REPAIRS also offers water flow meter installation. A flow meter is a device that helps measure the water amount passing through your pipes, which can be when you collect water or when water comes out for usage. Our experts can advise which available flow meter technologies are best for your needs and budget. Let the WELLY REPAIRS team know if you wish to add one while before we install a water tank for best outcomes.

well pump installation
well pump installation

Get the best water tanks & systems with Welly Repairs, and enjoy a clean and reliable water supply.

How Does a Pressure Tank Work?

Pressure tanks have two vital factors to consider – water and compressed air. Pressure from the compressed air causes water to flow when you turn on your faucet.

On another note, the pressure tank also takes part in how your water supply is regulated. It starts when the water gets in the well’s bottom part and fills out the tank. As the tank gets filled, the pressure on the top part starts to build up. As a result, the air becomes compressed, and when the pressure rises to about 50 to 60 psi (approx. max pressure), the pump in the pressure tank system turns off. Now, when you use water on your property, the water level goes down, and when the pressure goes to about 30 to 40 psi, the pump switches on to replenish the tank’s water.

The most common pressure tanks are:

  • BLADDER TANKS:The water is stored in a balloon-like container that functions like a bladder, expanding when the water is pumped into the container.
  • AIR-OVER-WATER TANKS: These are barrier-free tanks, meaning there is nothing that separates the air and water. This tank type needs constant monitoring for maintenance.
  • DIAPHRAGM TANKS: This tank type has vinyl or a rubber diaphragm, defining between the air and water. The diaphragm goes up when water gets in the tank, resulting in compressed air.

If you need affordable and reliable water tank installation service, you can count on WELLY REPAIRS. We supply and install pressure tanks, water filters, water softeners, and water flow meters within and around the Stockton, CA area. We are also the city’s #1 provider and installer of well pumps, irrigation equipment, and systems. Contact us today at (209) 219 2182 to schedule your water tank installation.



When choosing a water tank, you must first consider its purpose. This factor will help you determine the amount of water you expect to be stored, the tank location, size, and costs.

Water tanks come in varying shapes and sizes. They can be above-ground or underground tanks made from different materials like steel, polyethylene, and fiberglass. Currently, you can even choose from slim-type, modular, to custom-built tanks.

While choosing your tank type might seem fun and exciting, it is best to consult with the water system experts to know which one would best fit your requirements. It is also better to discuss with your water tank contractor about the maintenance and repair costs if needed.


Yes, of course. Here is a step-by-step pressure tank checking guide that you might want to follow.

  • Turn off the pump breaker.
  • Then, drain all the water from your tank by opening one or two of your faucets connected to the water storage tank system.
  • Removen the air valve cap. Check if there is a valve or tank leak.
  • Check the tank pressure with a gauge.

If you are undetermined what to do, please call Welly Repairs, and we will gladly assist you.


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