A property with a well, pressure tank, and a septic system guarantees a sustainable water source. It keeps your family hydrated all year long. However, it is important to keep your well regularly checked and properly maintained as years progress to ensure health safety. Aside from that, we have listed various reasons why a well inspection, well repair, and maintenance is needed to keep your water source safe and sustainable.

Benefits of Well Inspection and Maintenance

When you have a well within your property, it gives you no headaches from paying bills and water interruptions. But always keep in mind to make a regular inspection a priority. Taking it for granted may cause extensive well repair that may be a hassle and costly. Read on as we enumerate the advantages of well inspection and septic system assessment.

1. It ensures your water is safe to drink and use.

The main objective of a regular well inspection of a private well is to give homeowners confidence that their water is safe to drink and use. Remember to hire licensed water well systems professionals to conduct regular checking. One of the things they do is monitor if any hazardous chemicals affect your water quality. If you see any crack that will compromise the water quality, seek a technician for a reliable well repair.

2. It will assure you that you have enough water to service your home properly.

Another benefit of a regular well inspection is to check if the well can still hold its original capacity given the progression of time. Most property owners seem to overlook this situation of their water source.

3. It safely keeps the well from insects and rodents.

Water Well

Checking the well cap or cover guarantees keeping the water from any infestation that can compromise the water quality. During the well inspection, ask the well water professional to take photos of the current state of your well cover. It is also important that the well cap is securely attached. If not, hiring a well repair technician is highly recommended to fix it.

4. It ensures that your well still meets the criteria and state regulations considering its accelerating years.

No matter what you do, your private well gets old, and its condition might change over the years. Thus, regular inspection is needed to ensure that its entire condition and system meets the criteria and state regulations. Respectively, the rules vary depending which state you are in.

5. It prevents further damages brought by lack of maintenance.

One of the cost-effective benefits that well inspection can offer is to prevent your well from severe damage. Remember that regular checking can mitigate serious well repairs that might significantly cost you. If you are worried about how much does a well inspection costs, remember that finance is only one aspect of the expenses that might arise when you find a serious problem with your water system. Never put your health at risk when it comes to water consumption.

The licensed well water professional inspects the entire well system, ensuring that all parts are intact and efficiently working. As technicians, it is their job to inform the owners if they need preventive well repair to keep the entire water system from serious damage.

When do you need an inspection?

It is the responsibility of property owners to schedule a regular inspection of their water well. It is one of the things they should do as they own a private well to properly service their consumption and keep it from any serious and costly well repair.

Keep in mind that if anything goes wrong with your water system, you will suffer from a longer interruption than households connected to the public water system. Not to mention, if you are planning to buy a property with a well, it is also vital to test the well water to ensure safety and sustainability. Thus, it is helpful to conduct quality and quantity testing.

Water purity

Water quality testing is needed to protect your families and neighbors from any hazardous chemicals. According to Upnest’s blog, what are essential components to look into are the pH levels, turbidity, alkalinity and hardness, which indicate the cloudiness and clarity of the water. Further, lab tests can also indicate the minerals found in the water including iron, copper, fluoride, manganese, calcium, and chloride. Besides the well inspection, it is also imperative to do a septic system inspection.

Water Pipe

Water quantity

Another component that you should consider is the water quantity. Who’s in the right mind to live in a property with a water quantity that is not enough for the household’s needs? Testing the water quantity will give you an idea if the water system is efficient for your household, considering your number and ways of consumption. The professional inspector will conduct a flow test, wherein he will assess the dimensions and depth of the well. The test measures the number of gallons per minute. Moreover, on average, a person needs 100 to 120 gallons per day. Therefore, the water system needs to generate 6 to 10 gallons per minute.

How Much Does A Well Inspection Costs?

Most property owners are not enticed to inspect their wells regularly. A common reason is a budget they need for a well inspection. But we have mentioned earlier that overlooking the need for it might cause a serious and costly well repair.

On average, inspection rates range from $300 to $500. Keep in mind that you should also account for the travel and lab fees. Test expenses range from $100 to $300 on top of your inspection cost.

Getting The Right Well Repair and Maintenance Services

Keeping your water supply resource safe and sustainable is one of the priorities of a homeowner. Do not make this a burden since the secret is to hire a reliable partner that is one call away when you need a well repair and maintenance service. Forget about how much does a well inspection costs and realize the benefits it brings to your drinking water system.

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