Water Filtration System

 The primary reason to invest in a water filtration systems is to improve the health of your family members. The entire house filtration system sifts through the water to remove high quantities of chlorine, minerals, and synthetic compounds that can be present. Even though chlorine is added to water supplies in controlled conditions, it is possible to get concentrated levels. Even at safe amounts of chlorine, chlorine can adversely affect the body by drying up the skin.

Functional sink water filtration system reduce the amount of chlorine exposed through drinking, washing, and breathing. Sinks and showers will have less chlorine diffused. This makes your skin, hair, and allergies more comfortable.

Find out more about the benefits of a water filtration systems for your home below.

Evolution of Water Filtration Systems

The use of water filtration systems has been around for an extended time.

The earliest early water filter is said to have been constructed by the legendary Greek scientist Hippocrates as far back as 500 BC… in the form of a cloth bag, to be precise! The ‘Hippocratic sleeve’ was the name given to this primary invention.

The fabric served as a sieve, removing pollutants from the water flowing through the Greek aqueducts.

When the water was boiled, it was put through the cloth, which caught the sediments generating the foul taste and smell, resulting in cleaner, better-tasting drinking water.

There have been a couple of noteworthy inventions along the road, such as:

  • 600 BCE – Gravel and Sand Filters
  •  1st Century AD – Animal Bladder Skins 
  •  17th Century – Sand Desalination
  • 18th Century – Wool, Sponge, and Charcoal Filters
  • 1748 – Discovery of Osmosis
  • Nanotechnology Filters
  • 2013 – Smart Separation – Creating The Future Of Filtration and many more.

Throughout the years, water filters have progressed significantly, bringing us to the present day, where inline water filters with alarms are available that don’t even require the services of a well water repair plumber!

Benefits of A House Water Filtration System

Because whole-home water filtration systems do not necessitate any monitoring or upkeep, it is a worthwhile investment for your home. These technologies will boost the value of your home, which is particularly important in rural locations. You can seek the assistance of a water well repair professional to ensure that water infiltration systems are installed correctly.

1. Drawbacks That Could Occur

Total home water filtration systems will typically be more expensive than a point of use water filtering options in the long run. In comparison to POE systems, Brita pitching and in-sink filtering systems are significantly less costly. They are also beyond of reach for the majority of do-it-yourselfers.

If you want to save both time and money, you must hire a well water repair professional to install a home water filtering system in your home. If the system is installed poorly, it could result in severe water well repair or plumbing issues. Bear in mind that this is a long-term investment, not a quick fix or a substitute for purchasing bottled water.

2. Learn Where Your Water Comes In From And Where It Goes Out.

It is critical to understand the nature of your water source before proceeding. Learn about the contaminants in your home before deciding on and purchasing a POE solution for your residence. Make contact with your local water provider or conduct your analysis. Another option is to reach out to a well water repair professional who will give you a complimentary water filter consultation.

Maintain awareness of the specific troubles that your water is experiencing and what you must eradicate. Whole-house water filtration systems do not provide a universal solution for all types of pollutants. The more active the water filter for your home is, the less money it will cost to install and get a water well repair service in your home.

3. Concerns About Fluoride And Other Issues

The elimination of chlorine involves the use of an activated charcoal filter. Fluoride is only available through an activated aluminum cartridge or an ion exchange system. For perchlorates and nitrates, the situation is the same.

As you can see, each one requires a different filter to be removed successfully, which is one of the benefits of water filtration systems. These features will not be available in a typically filtered water pitcher. This is one of the factors why fluoride is such a big topic.

Some families do not want their children to drink or be exposed to fluoridated water from their faucets because of health concerns. Only a whole-house system can provide adequate and comprehensive protection for everyone. It’s important to remember that many pollutants are absorbed through the respiratory system.

Water droplets are released when water is turned on or off at a faucet or in the shower. After being inhaled, the mist is swiftly absorbed through the body.

Contact a water well repair professional to understand these concerns further if you have any questions or concerns.

Water Filtration

4. Eliminates Odors From Your Drinking Water ­

Minerals and compounds in water, like sulfur, can emit unpleasant scents when exposed to the air. On the other hand, water filtration systems can remove undesirable smells and aromas from the water before it even exits the faucet, ensuring that you are drinking and bathing in pleasant, odorless water. If you interested in water filtration systems for your residential properties, a professional water well repair service can greatly assist.

5. Enhanced Environmental Responsibility (And Your Wallet)

Those who have gone into purchasing bottled water under the mistaken belief that you are enhancing your health should reconsider their decision. The benefits of water filtration systems in homes are far less expensive than purchasing bottled water consistently. A significant threat to our ecosystem is posed by plastic water bottles, commonly found in landfills, where they can take hundreds of years to decompose. 

There’s one more drawback. Several chemicals included in plastic water bottles can leach into the water within, increasing the likelihood of you ingesting more toxins. A water well repair contractor can install home filtration systems to provide you with clean, better-tasting water while not negatively impacting the environment.

When do you need an inspection?

It is the responsibility of property owners to schedule a regular inspection of their water well. It is one of the things they should do as they own a private well to properly service their consumption and keep it from any serious and costly well repair.

Keep in mind that if anything goes wrong with your water system, you will suffer from a longer interruption than households connected to the public water system. Not to mention, if you are planning to buy a property with a well, it is also vital to test the well water to ensure safety and sustainability.

Thus, it is helpful to conduct quality and quantity testing for your water filter regularly, whether you have a table-top or under sink filtration system.

Water Well Repair

If you live in Stockton, California, you should contact us. Welly Repairs can take care of your home’s filtration needs, ensuring that your water is cleaner and safer. Water well pumps, your water filter, and drilling are a specialty of our service pros, who have more than 25 years of experience in the industry around Stockton, California.

Please do not hesitate to contact us! Our highly educated water well repair professionals will assist you in determining the most appropriate water filtration systems for your home’s needs, improving your water quality more that you can imagine.