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Welly Repairs is a Stockton, CA-based well pump and drilling service company. We perform top-notch water well pump repair services to improve the water quality and distribution efficiency through our well-planned designs, careful installation, and consistent maintenance. Experience the best assistance with our water well specialists. Get free project cost information today.


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Welly Repairs is one of the leading water well pump and drilling services companies in California. We have service professionals specializing in designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing water well pumps, jet pumps, water heaters, tanks, and other water drilling services in Stockton, CA.

But, why consider our services among all other companies in the area?

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Welly Repairs is a licensed and insured company, compliant with all California’s building and safety codes.
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We are experts in water well pump repair with 25 years of proven experience in the business.
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Our team uses state-of-the-art tools and machinery that help us provide unparalleled service.
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We offer top-caliber water pump repair and drilling services in Stockton and its nearby cities.


Welly Repairs is your best choice for a comprehensive water well pump design, installation, repair, and maintenance service. Our service professionals have more than 25 years of delivering top-notch service and high-grade materials in the water well pump and drilling business around Stockton, CA.

Our services offered include:

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Our water well pump maintenance service includes preventive maintenance and repair services. Whether you need someone to assess your water line regularly and do drain cleaning or an expert to repair the pump in your house, Welly Repairs provides superior service from our water well specialists. We use high-grade products and state-of-the-art tools, servicing your water wells at an affordable price.

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Are you experiencing intermittent water supply? Welly Repairs has experts who can retrieve your submersible pump and thoroughly inspect it, finding possible issues that prevent power from reaching your unit. When needed, we will replace your pump, resetting the dependable service years it can provide you.

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When you need deep well pump installation and well drilling California services, turn to the well-experienced professionals at Welly Repairs in Stockton, CA. We ensure that your new water pump is correctly positioned and installed, providing top water service at peak efficiency. Included in our services are tank and pressure switch installation.

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Well Repair

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My business partner and I are pleased with Welly Repairs’ well pump replacement services. We had an intermittent water supply. A friend recommended Welly Repairs. From our initial contact until replacing our delta pump, they were so patient in answering all our queries. Their team is indeed a big help to businesses in California. We do hope to work with them in our following Stockton projects. Five stars to the Welly Repairs team!


James W.
Business owner, Valley Springs, CA
Our villa has been experiencing terrible water pressure recently. Our caretaker contacted Welly Repairs to check and troubleshoot our pumping system. An appointment for an on-site assessment was fixed for the next day, and their team came over to look into what was wrong. They presented three solutions to us, and we chose their most cost-effective recommendation – to replace our pump and install a water-boosting system. Everything was finished within a week, and we couldn’t be happy. We could power wash our garage after weeks of insufficient water supply and have a hot shower without difficulty. All the best to the Welly Repairs team! Kudos to you!


Sarah Smith P.
Homeowner, Stockton, CA

We were hovering around the search results page for a reliable well drilling company. We found Welly Repairs in Stockton, California. After a few questions here and there, we scheduled an appointment to install our deep water well pump system. We just transferred to a new factory location, and the existing water pump was not working at all, and the water smells awful. Besides the pump installation, we also requested Welly Repairs to test our water.

Their recommendation costs less than I expected, considering we chose to add a water filtration system. A week after, our water supply worked well. Odorless, clear, and clean water for our company. We will definitely recommend their services to our business partners! Their expertise saved our business. Thank you so much, Welly Repairs!


Michael O’Neill
Factory Owner, Modesto, California

Get Affordable Water Well and
Water System

Since 1996, Welly Repairs has provided top-notch water well pump and water system services around Stockton, CA, and its neighboring cities. We have water system professionals who have decades of experience in installing and troubleshooting various water systems for homes, commercial establishments, government facilities, and factories.

Besides our primary water pump services, we are also Stockton’s experts in different water well and water system services, including:

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Water Testing and Well Inspection

Besides water well pump repair, installation, and replacement, Welly Repairs in Stockton, CA, also specialize in water testing and water well inspection. We can assess your water’s pH balance, drinkability, presence of microorganisms, and harmful elements through our specialized series testing.

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Cisterns and Pumps Installation

Welly Repairs has a vast selection of industrial-caliber cisterns and water pumps that can help support residential and commercial establishments around Stockton, California. Our specialists can install and maintain any cistern or pump brand and type.

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Water Well and System Maintenance

At Welly Repairs, we recommend regular inspection of your water well pressure and system every 6 or 12 months. We have the latest tools and equipment, helping us provide accurate pressure reading and diagnostic reading for our Stockton clients.

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Hire Water Pump and Systems Experts

Welly Repairs began servicing the Stockton area two decades ago. Through these years, we gained the confidence and trust of our Stockton clients. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company, providing top-caliber service through our innovative equipment and a team of specialists.

Whatever your project size is, the Welly Repairs team will undoubtedly fix your water system problem in no time.

Welly Repairs’ Backup Water Supply Systems

More than our water well pump and water line systems service, we also offer backup water supply systems. Our top-of-the-line water storage and manual pumps can ensure that your facility or home can never go out of water supply.

Speak with our Stockton water pump specialist today and learn more about the services that we can offer you.

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